6 Tips to Designing an Amazing, Show-Stopping Display Stand to Promote Your Brand

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We have all been at exhibitions where there were awesome display stands, alongside the regular ones and those that were extremely boring.

A table draped with unkempt cloths and an uninspiring backdrop, can make potential customers hurry on to the next booth without stopping.

You can’t afford to make arrangements for a booth and not record any promising leads. So what makes your brand stand out in such a busy environment? You just have to be interesting.

People are drawn to interesting brands that have value. If your booth communicates ‘boring’, people will move on.

Here are 6 tips to make your booth interesting. Just make sure you are willing to invest some time, money and creative flair.

  1. Make your Booths Design Unique

Trade shows are big events and require investment in time and money. It you want to create a unique experience, the first thing you should do is buy a booth that stands out. Getting an expensive and attractive booth (which can be used repeatedly) is the best way to start.

Slatwall Accessories say- “Open marketing opportunities such as trade shows are no time to be frugal, especially if your competitors are going to be there. You want to stand out. Fancy display stands complement booths, too.”

Tip: Use a booth that communicates the identity and essence of your brand.

  1. Excel in the Swag Contest

No doubt, your promotional items will determine your overall ability to draw attention and create a buzz about your booth. Don’t go the cheap route with lousy pen giveaways, or your booth will likely remain empty.

Invest some money in branded promotional items that are both unique and high-quality. It will let potential customers know that you are about excellence. However, be sure to make the most of your time and effort.

Tip: Record quality leads for each giveaway.

  1. Host a Game (Give Prizes)

Imagine the stir you will cause with an interesting game (that is relevant to your brand), while your competitors across the aisle have nothing but brochures. People are surely going to be attracted to your booth — more so when there is a chance to win something. Make the game both fun and witty.

Experiential marketing improves recall rate
, and you will find people talking about your event weeks after the trade show. Think big. What games can be played in your booth space that are also

Tip: Your prize should be different from other giveaways.

  1. Give a Product Demo (or Service)

While you create a razzmatazz around your booth, don’t get carried away and forget the reason you are there in the first place. You want to showcase your brand and win leads — and make some conversions if possible.

Think of the exhibition attendees as repeat sales calls. If they are your target audience, demonstrate the value of your product and let them see why you are right for them. Never go to an exhibition without product samples. If you offer a product that can be demoed, display its value in real-time.

Tip: Make it interactive with members of the audience.

  1. Engage Technology

Technology will always steal the show. It is the reason Apple remains a top valuable brand.
Consider incorporating attractive digital signage and interactive augmented reality to get people to participate. Don’t just use it to lure them, let it educate and showcase other uses of your product or services.

Tip: If your product cannot be demoed in real time, a video display might be a great idea.

  1. Be active on social Media

While you interact physically with the attendees present, ensure that a member of your team is busy engaging others on social media. They could be updating latest images or videos from the event, directing people to the location of your booth and more. They should make the engagement interesting enough to draw
people to your actual booth.

Tip: Contests can also be organised on social media with instant prizes for winners.

Make sure that whatever you do, you get valuable leads in return. After all, that’s the purpose of the event. Avoid overcrowding the booth, having too many marketing staff or excess chairs. Chairs make people sit, and may not convey professionalism.

Above all, be interesting and people will flock to your booth.