Bootstrap Grids for Illustrator (And Photoshop)

One for the minimalists.

After an unsuccessful search for Bootstrap Illustrator templates that just used Illustrator guides for the grid we created our own for in-house web design.

The AI files are Adobe CC2017 and CS6 – but feel free to get in touch if you would like the files saving down to earlier versions .

Grids included in the download are:

  • 320px
  • 750px (breakpoint 768px)
  • 970px (breakpoint 992px)
  • 1170px (breakpoint 1200px)

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Angela Roche



What do you think?

  • J.Zeledon

    November 12, 2017,

    Links don’t work :(.

    • Angela Roche

      November 14, 2017,

      Sorry about that! Try now 🙂

  • Keith

    September 4, 2017,

    Great resource. Ta.

  • Petr

    April 12, 2017,

    Hello, could you save it down to CS6 version? Thank’s

    • Angela Roche

      April 18, 2017,

      Yep! Saved down and attached to post! 🙂

  • pancal mubal

    April 4, 2017,

    need help, I just get a blank page in CS6 (show guides).

    • Angela Roche

      April 4, 2017,

      Hey there Pancal,

      Would you like the file saving down to CS6? Can you see the guides?



  • Desiree

    November 13, 2015,

    I love you! You have saved my day!

  • Darbo Scalante

    August 14, 2015,

    Hi, I just have a doubt: If the screen is wider than 1170px, what is needed to do: to add new columns aside or… in bootstrap is needed to think that that columns will increase their width?

    I hope this question is reasonable and not a nonsense 😉 Thanks in advance and very thanks for your work!

  • Peta

    July 29, 2015,

    Thanks, but… the columns are only 68px width. I’m not big in bootstrap bussiness, but i just read it should be 70px in high res version. Is this correct?

  • Mina

    July 27, 2015,

    Thanks very much 🙂

  • Jorge

    July 13, 2015,

    Thanks a lot!

  • Siberiano

    February 25, 2015,


  • fred

    January 29, 2015,

    many thanks! if you come to lisbon portugal mail me so i can pay you a nice warm meal.

  • Andi

    January 26, 2015,

    Thank you for sharing! You rock!

  • rey alejandro

    November 19, 2014,

    thank you for sharing!

    • Angela Roche

      November 19, 2014,

      My pleasure

  • Angela Roche

    June 20, 2014,

    My bad Clay, try now. I’ve also included CS5 and CS6 versions as well as CC.

  • Clay

    June 20, 2014,

    The link content is empty

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