Creatives for Change – Our positively presented panic poster submission.

— 36 secs —

“Channel your inner Greta Thunberg and create a piece of artwork that responds to the theme of the climate crisis” is all the brief asked of us. Unfortunately, my inner Greta Thunberg has been locked up in a small flat in East Manchester overlooking an Asda and a Mcdonald’s since March, so she didn’t have much to say. 

“I want you to act like you would in a crisis, I want you to act like your house is on fire because it is.”, reads a quote from Greta at the bottom of the Creatives for Change brief.

So I sat locked in my shoebox flat, contemplating Greta’s words while staring at the perpetually busy drive-thru, where the rats wait for the scraps of food and as I listened to the bumbling incoherent mess of government ministers on the radio, I heard her…My inner Greta. “We are all fucked” she said.

We were super thankful to be invited by Creatives for Change and Creative Concern to take part in this year’s initiative. Helping to raise money and support their chosen charity, City of Trees Manchester is a wonderful thing and we’re glad we could contribute.

Find out more about Creatives for Change and support them by visiting their site and buying a poster