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Animation Manchester Motion Graphics & Online Video

Online Marketing Videos

Use the power of digital animation to engage your customers.

Video has become a key means for business to engage potential customers. It’s important now more than ever to introduce digital animation into your online marketing strategy.

2D Digital Animation

Inform & persuade through 2D animated video.

We create 2D digital animation that engages and inform viewers, generate intrigue and invite action. We can work with you at all stages of your project, from ideation, scripting and storyboarding through to production, voiceover and soundtrack.

3D Digital Animation

Give your product or idea added realism through 3D animation.

3D animation is the ideal way to showcase your product through a 3D animated promotional video or product tour.

Broadcast & Online Adverts

Spread your message through multiple channels.

These days it’s common for your advert to be disseminated through multiple channels; broadcast, online, smart TV and catchup services, as well as broadcast. We create animated adverts for product and service launches, brand awareness drives, and time-limited campaigns.

In-store Motion Graphics

Bring your marketing campaign to life through digital animation.

Don't just rely on static or printed materials to promote your latest product or season range. As a leading digital animation company we help retail outlets, restaurants, bars, shopping centres and public spaces grab customers attention through engaging motion visuals.

Stings & Animated Logos

The web moves fast and technology is constantly changing.

We ensure that your website is built with leading edge technology. We develop using many different technologies including PHP, HTML5, CSS3, various JavaScript libraries and responsive front-end frameworks.

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