Farewell Islington Mill

So the time is upon us and the studio is all boxed up (nearly!) ready for our big move, bringing our 4 year stay at our beloved Islington Mill to an end.

It only seems 2 minutes ago since Lou and I were spending spare weekends scrubbing the floor and painting the walls of our first studio. Furnishing it with a couple of desks, an old Power Mac G5 and a Mac Book Pro, a dodgy dining room table bought off ebay as a make-shift meeting table, and a few design books! Not to mention trying to figure out how on earth we were going to run our own design agency and where the heck our first clients would come from!

4 years on we’ve learned a lot; worked on some amazing projects with some fantastic clients; made a name for ourselves and made lots of new friends and colleagues; we’ve become more skilled at our craft; and clients, projects and team DBD have increased in size. We’ve even grown up a bit! But our ethos remains the same: ‘Produce great work, make clients happy, and have fun doing it!’

We’ll be sad to say goodbye to all our friends at the Mill, but with Lou’s departure from DBD earlier this year and our gradual employment of 3 new team members, the time certainly feels right for a change… apparently it’s ‘as good as a holiday’, or so they say!

From Monday we shall be residents of 22 Lever Street in Manchester’s Northern Quarter with our friends, the fantastic Boomerang!

We’ve had an amazing 4 years and lots of good times and look forward to many more at our new home.

Farewell Islington Mill, this is not goodbye, it’s simply ta ra for now!

Love from,

Design By Day x