Hello John

— 1 min 39 secs —

This month we welcome John Ossoway, he joins team DBD as a Designer, WordPress Engineer and general technical whizz!

You’ve had a successful freelance career for the past decade – how were we able to convince you to come and join us?

Short answer: by being such a lovely group of people! Longer answer: I had already done some freelance work for DBD, so knew you were lovely, but it was while hanging out with team DBD at WordCamp London earlier this year when it occurred to me that here was a team I’d be very happy working with all the time! The feeling of being part of a team is really important and can never be underestimated.

You’ve been here for a month now – what’s the biggest difference when coming to work with an agency?

I didn’t realise just how much I missed regular teamwork until I joined DBD. Joining a team of friendly people, including experienced designers and developers, means having people around me to bounce ideas off, learn from, and share knowledge with, which is great.

What did you do before freelancing?

Immediately before freelancing I was a senior developer as part of the web development team at Graduate Prospects.

What kind of projects do you get excited about?

Projects I get most excited about are those that I know are making a positive difference to people and the planet, whether affecting my local community or a wider reach.

What have you worked on in your first few weeks at DBD?

In my first few weeks I have worked on the implementation of a donation platform and online shop for a registered charity.

We love to keep learning DBD – what are you most interested in learning right now?

I want to build on the accessibility knowledge I already have to ensure projects I work on are as accessible as they can be. Also Matt Mullenweg of WordPress said a while back “learn Javascript, deeply”. If I can do that, I’ll be happy.