Hello Josh

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josh jackson

We’re thrilled to welcome Josh Jackson as the latest UX/UI and brand designer to Team DBD. Introduced to us by fellow DBD designer Maria.

Josh let’s get to know him a bit better!

1. Could you tell us a bit more about your background, what did you do before coming aboard, and the skillset you bring to the team?

I’ve worked at a couple of different agencies over the last 5 years so I’ve picked up different skills along the way, but most of my time has been focused on web UX & UI with a bit of branding when I can.

2. What have you worked on in your first few months at DBD?

Loads! A few websites for some lovely and local Manchester organisations and also an international materials manufacturer, which has been a massive but really interesting project to work on.

3. What kind of projects do you get excited about?

I enjoy projects where we can see a client getting genuinely excited about what their idea or business is. I always find hospitality or anything food-based exciting, I love that industry…or maybe I’m just hungry.

4. What are you most looking forward to getting stuck into into in 2020?

I enjoy branding, there’s no perfect method to it and I think it’s the most challenging aspect of being a designer, but it’s also massively rewarding if and when things fall into place.

5. We love to keep learning DBD – what are you most interested in learning right now?

I’ve recently got back into doodling since getting an iPad so it would be great to pair this with some animation.

6. The current team university leaderboard is set at:

  • Salford: 2
  • Man Met: 2
  • Leeds: 1
  • University of Life: 2

Can you break the current Salford / Man Met draw?

Man Met! 😀

7. IPA or Pilsner