No Maintenance Contract? Here’s What You Need to Do to Look after Your WordPress Website.

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It is very important that you keep your WordPress site and plugins up to date to ensure performance and security – and to take advantage of new features that maybe shipped with new releases.

This post serves as a quick guide on how to update your site if you do not have a maintenance contract with Design By Day or your development team.

Ok, lets get started.

  1. Back-up Your Website

The first thing to do is make sure you have a backup of your site files and database. Depending on your hosting provider this may be the trickiest part of the process.

Some providers such as WPEngine make this simple by prompting you to take a back up via their one click back up service when you try to update WordPress. Simple!

WPEngine backup prompt

2. Updating WordPress

If updates have been disabled, or you have a very outdated version of WordPress, you will need to update your version of WordPress manually. WordPress Updates can be found under Dashboard in the main menu as shown below, The number in the red circle is a notification letting you know how many updates are required on your site:
WordPress updates

The updates page details all items that require updating. You can see that the site in the image below is currently running WordPress 4.7.4. and requires updating to version 4.7.5. As WordPress has not been set to automatically update in this case, it has to be done manually by clicking the blue ‘Update Now’ button.

wordpress updates

3. Updating Plugins

The updates page also tells me that two plugins that are installed on our site, WPRocket and Yoast SEO require updating. Simply check the boxes of the plugins you wish to update and click ‘Update Plugins’.

Update WordPress plugins

Plugins can also be accessed via the plugins page as shown below:

WordPress plugins link


On occasion some plugins can conflict with the a new version of WordPress. This is why plugin developers often release an updated version of their plugin after a new update of WordPress has been released to ensure compatibility.

As part of our maintenance package we handle core and plugin updates for our clients so they can get on with running their businesses. Depending on the contract this is done on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Updates that fix security vulnerabilities are dealt with immediately.

Too busy to bother with the hassle of updating WordPress or your plugins?
Speak to us about our maintenance plans:

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Angela Roche