Introducing Our New Branding Partnership: Vantrunk

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vantrunk branding partnership

Here at Design By Day we’re all very excited to announce that we have recently been appointed official branding partner for Vantrunk, an internationally renowned manufacturer specialising in extreme cable management.

Having joined the Unitrunk group in 2000, Vantrunk were the first company in the UK to manufacture and supply cable ladder products for use in extreme environments from the stormy expanse of the North Sea to the pre salt fields in Brazil.

It is their expert authority on these extreme environments as well as their 50 years manufacturing experience that gives Vantrunk the edge in this competitive industry, which is why we’re delighted to have this opportunity to help them push their success further than ever before.

We worked tirelessly to prepare a pitch which would demonstrate how our skills and expertise in branding, communication and advertising could be used to enhance the way they communicate with their market.

As you might have already guessed, our hard work paid off, and we are proud to say that we won the pitch over the worthy competition of two other agencies also looking to acquire the partnership.

From here on outwe will be taking care of all of Vantrunk’s brand communications, including brand development, advertising, website and online communication and printed materials. Exciting!

Because we’re a fully integrated agency, we’re able to take on such huge and important projects as these and really make an impact on our clients’ businesses. Our branding skills enable us to effectively communicate brand messages and create strong brand identities across all channels rather than just one or two.

Our expert web design, print and animation capabilities also mean that we can ensure all elements of any one branding campaign will be consistent, harmonising and engaging to the appropriate target audiences, no matter who that may be.

We can’t wait to put all of these brilliant skills to work with Vantrunk and really explore the possibilities of this new project venture. Watch this space for more news and updates as we go along.


Sami France