Charles Fréger | Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool

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During a recent trip to Liverpool on a mission to renew my passport I came across a lovely little photography gallery called Open Eye – which is based in a big, angular, stealth looking building on the waterfront close to Albert Dock.

The main exhibition on display was The Wild And The Wise by French photographer Charles Fréger.

Charles is a well traveled photographer who manages to capture something very honest and interesting in the people and locations where he shoots.

His Wilder Mann series shows portraits of people taken by Fréger in different locations around Europe.

Each person is dressed in a layered mixture of traditional costume, animal skins, plants and bones which turn them into wonderful and playful mythical creatures that are a joy to look at.

After seeing the exhibition I had a look around for his book Wilder Mann: The Image Of The Savage but surprisingly I couldn’t find it anywhere so I gave Charles an email and managed to trade one of my screen prints for a copy of his book, which shows what a nice guy he is!

The exhibition at Open Eye Gallery runs from 17th May til 26th August, check out the Open Eye site for more details.

And see more of Charles’ wonderful work here and his Wilder Mann series here


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