Note To Self this Thursday at 2022NQ

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Here at DBD we’re all looking forward to Note To Self this Thursday at 2022NQ to get a healthy fix of design goodness.

Our tutor, friend and all round good egg Tash Willcocks is one of the speakers on the night. Tash has 15 years experience as a designer in Manchester and also runs the BA Graphic Design course at Salford University (where 3 quarters of DBD first met her!). As if that wasn’t enough, she also finds the time to share some hand drawn type every day via her #mundaneaday project. Tash is never short for words so I’m sure she’ll have plenty of interesting stories and words of wisdom to share with us.

Also speaking on the night will be Hamish Muir who is one of the co-founders of 8vo. From 1984 until 2001 8vo were responsible for creating a very fine collection of design work and are most well known for their album sleeves and posters for Factory Records. With a strong focus on the detail and craft of print design, 8vo’s work has a timeless feel and has been a great inspiration to me as I’m sure it has for many other type and layout loving design geeks out there.

For a very honest insight into 8vo’s work and process I’d highly recommend reading their book: “8vo – On the outside”

Note To Self is on Thursday 24th October at 7pm so get your brown desert boots on and get yourself down to 2022NQ!

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Robert Lomas