Super Smashing Intern 2012

POSTED ON: BY Angela Roche

It’s been a long time coming, but finally we’ve had a chance to set the brief for this years Super Smashing Internship.

The brief is nice and simple:

“Come up with a creative way to advertise Super Smashing Intern 2013.”

Yep that’s it! It could be a poster, animation, guerilla marketing or on the back of a brick, so long as it advertises our summer internship for next years budding designers like yourselves! We’ll use the winning design next year too.

The only (non) requirements are:

  • It’s for summer 2013
  • You can change the name ‘Super Smashing Intern’ if you wish, or drop the name entirely.
  • You’ll need to add our contact details + email address (if you want to make up an email address appropriate to your poster feel free).
  • You can use our logo if you fancy, but this isn’t essential.
  • Dimensions: Anything you like.
  • Submissions must be made before Friday June 8th 2012, 0:00hrs.
  • Everything else is open to you!

Internships are for 1 month, paid, and we’re very flexible with start dates.

Please submit your entry + a pdf / website of your work to:

Good luck and we look forward to seeing your designs!


Angela Roche