Tash Willcocks works her typographical magic in the DBD studio

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logic will get you from a to b imagination will take you everywhere albert einstein

Once upon a time there was a bare wall in a design studio, upon which no picture hung and little could be done.

Until one day along came designer, teacher, typographer and friend of Design By Day, Tash Willcocks with her magical powers of typography and changed the little wall into a piece of artwork; an inspirational quote by the great man himself Albert Einstein:

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere!”

tash wilcocks typographical mural

We’re thrilled to have an original Tash Willcocks piece on our wall, especially one with such an appropriate quote for a design studio.

Tash originally started putting pen to paper 4 years ago when teaching Graphic Design at Salford University as a way of motivating the students to do the same. She started producing one sketch a day which soon turned into the Mundaneaday project – something which she has become well known for.

tash wilcocks in design by day

Tash has been a long time friend of DBD, having taught 3 of the team including myself on Salford University’s Graphic Design degree course. Now Tash is the Programme Leader at the renowned Hyper Island, which happens to be just next door to Design By Day.

Follow Tash on Twitter: @tashwillcocks and Instagram: @tashwillcocks for more of her typographic goodness!


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