Web developer Mudassir Ahmed is DBD’s youngest ever intern!

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Naturally we are very picky about graphic designer and web developer interns we take on at Design By Day. We set ourselves high standards in-house. Consequently only take on students and graduates that share our ethos, passion and work ethic.

Traditionally we have only invited in university level interns and graduates. That is until one day a CV landed in our inbox from a young man from Urmston Grammar Sixth Form, Mudassir Ahmed. 17 year old Mudassir was looking for work experience as a web developer as part of his sixth form curriculum.

With a technical skillset including HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery and Python, as well as a clear passion for coding, DBD’s project manager announced “I think this guy is the next Parham!” (our very talented web / app developer).

Mudassir Ahmed web developer intern coding

We invited Mudassir in and he came by the studio straight after college. He immediately impressed us with his programming passion and knowledge, especially the fact that he is completely self-taught. We invited him back to spend his work experience at DBD.

In just 5 days Mudassir integrated in to the team fantastically. He worked as a front-end developer on 2 web projects; developing one from scratch and jumping into the code of another ongoing piece of work.

Here’s Mudassir’s experience at DBD in his own words:

Main learning points & summary

  • Learnt Bootstrap
  • Best work experience: programming and shadowing, showing an insight on the daily activities of graphic designers, website developers, website designers, UX designers, animators, project managers
  • Programming website from day one
  • Ability to ask questions with in-depth answers
  • Friendly environment
  • Work experience with the normal working hours

What did your role as web developer involve during the work experience?

I carried out duties of a Design By Day employee as a front end web developer. The job role involves creating websites using front-end website technologies including HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript from website mock-ups given by the project manager.

How was the experience?

The work experience was truly amazing and my job role, as a front end web developer, was exciting and extremely interesting. Design By Day has a very friendly environment. Work experience at Design By Day gave me an in-depth insight into the daily activities of graphic designers, web developers, web designers, UX/UI designers, animators and project managers.

What did you do?

One main activity that I was given was creating a mobile responsive website. A website mock-up was sent to me which needed to be turned into a website. This required bootstrap to be used. Knowing CSS3 and JavaScript it didn’t take me long to learn Bootstrap with the help of amazing Angela Roche (founder of Design By Day) and Parham Majdabadi (mobile app and website developer).

Would you recommend a similar experience?

Most certainly I would recommend work experience similar to this. I learnt a large amount of content at my work experience here. The friendly staff here are amazing – they want to help and guide you at every step of the way.


It’s really exciting to see such enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge as well as the discipline for self-learning. It’s also great to see young people participating in the digital scene; Mudassir has been an active participant in helping to design a new web platform for Tech City which helps young people to start learning programming languages. He not only likes to code but likes to help others with their programming problems on StackOverflow. Much more than a front-end web developer, Mudassir also creates web and mobile apps.

Mudassir will be returning to college to finish his studies after the summer. He then hopes to study computer science and maths at university. This young man has a very bright future ahead! We are looking forward to having him back in the DBD studio very soon!


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