Childhoods in a Digital World

The Challenge

Technological development has become a key influence on childhood and is likely to continue. This will create a wealth of opportunities for children and young people but will also present new threats.

To coincide with the release of their Childhoods in a Digital World white paper, Barnardo’s came to DBD to create an influential animation to be shown at both the Labour & Conservative 2017 party conferences to call on government and politicians to catch up with technology and shape plans to protect children and young people, both now and in the future.


The Solution

Barnardo’s came to DBD with an idea to create a timeline of technology to pose the question to ‘How quickly is technology changing – and how might it be affecting young people?’. The message is delivered over 3 key eras of the digital age, represented by 3 contrasting visual aesthetics each depicting technology of the time up until the present day.

The protagonist, a young teenage boy, takes us on 74 year digital journey – ultimately showing how the rate of technological advancement impacts both positively and negatively upon him. A cut down version for social was also produced.

Project team

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