Telecommunications & Technology

B O R G 5 are a cutting-edge telecommunications company, providing their technical and engineering project management skills on large-scale rail projects. We worked with the B O R G 5 team to establish a brand identity and website that reflect the company’s precise and technical skillset.

New Networks

The brand logo is made up of the logotype and graphic device, which can work creatively together or independently across different formats.

The graphic device is a five-sided shape made up of lines and dots to illustrate B O R G 5’s confidence in communication. When the device is multiplied it creates a tessellating pattern that represents a growing network of communication, tying in perfectly with the telecommunications industry.


Strong & Precise

It was important that the brand communicated both precision and strength as dependability within the rail industry is crucial to building trust. The dynamic yet balanced colour palette and the use of the Futura typeface set the tone for the brand and all assets, both online and in print.

borg5 colours
borg typography
borg layout

A Dynamic Online Identity

The graphic device translates perfectly across to the website which uses animated elements and dynamic content to build trust and confidence in the company.