Cutting edge telecommunications

B O R G 5 are a cutting edge telecommunications company that provide project management with technical and engineering know how for large scale telecoms projects.

B O R G 5 approached Design By Day and asked us to establish their brand identity and web presence for their new company.

A growing network of communication

The brand logo consists of a two parts – the logotype and graphic device, which can work together or independently.

The graphic device is a 5 sided shape made from lines and dots to show communication. When the device is multiplied it creates a tessellation pattern that represents a growing network of communication.


Precision & strength

It was important that the brand communicated both precision and strength as dependability is obviously crucial to rail travel. The colour palette and use of the Futura typeface therefore had a big part to play.

borg5 colours
borg typography
borg layout

Branded website

Building on the theme of communication & networks the brand was applied to the website using animated force directed graphs.