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d3 design & display

d3 design & display are an established name in commercial and retail interior manufacturing. With a vision to open up their offering and begin selling a range of products directly to customers online, the team brought us on board to clearly differentiate between their new venture and their bespoke projects.

A Dual Approach

The site we created is split into two distinct sections – a marketing website and an eCommerce section selling panels and accessories.

A Customised eCommerce Experience

The eCommerce store showcases the range of panel products and complementing accessories. As soon as users add panel products to their basket, matching accessory alerts are automatically triggered giving a further opportunity to increase revenue and sales. 

Due to the wide ranging sizes and weights of products, custom shipping methods were developed during the website build which allows the team to handle their shipping costs seamlessly.

d3uk panel

A Bespoke Service

The other side of the site showcases d3’s bespoke range of services and their impressive portfolio. Visitors are taken through every aspect of the process from design to delivery.

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