Manchester City FC

The Challenge

Cityzens Giving is an international charity who annually provide a large sum of money to change lives through football around the world. A vote is put to the public to decide how funds are split between six causes in six cities. The project is developed under City Football Group which encompasses Manchester City FC, Melbourne City FC and New York City FC.

Our friends at Boomerang, who were developing the website, asked us to collaborate with them on the web design / User Experience side of the new Cityzens Giving website which is open for votes every November.

Manchester City FC Cityzens Giving Homepage
Manchester City FC Cityzens Giving Vote page ipad
Manchester City FC Cityzens Giving About Project iPhone
Manchester City FC Cityzens Giving Cast Vote Samsung

The Solution

We used the core blue colours, which are used across all three football clubs, as the basis of our design. To appeal to the vast number of passionate football fans across the Manchester, Melbourne and New York clubs, these colours were accompanied with elements of the core branding for all three, such as typography and pattern.

User experience was key to ensuring fans found it easy to navigate through to their relevant club and vote for their favourite cause. We designed a simple layout so each cause was clearly presented and accessible for fans to learn more about each one before voting.

Project team

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