Material Lab Booklet

The Challenge

Material Lab was created by Johnson Tiles to answer the needs of the architectural and design community, by providing a design and materials resource studio with a focus on collaboration.

Design By Day was asked to create a collectable booklet to promote Material Lab at the 100% Design event and as a pick up at Material Lab itself.

Material Lab booklet cover

The Solution

Material lab is a cutting edge, vibrant, experimental place with a huge range of materials available. The booklet was designed to reflect this through the use of a variety of print techniques, paper stock and finishes.

The booklet boasts 3 colour screen printing, stitch binding, textured GF Smith Colorplan, irregular sized pages as well as Litho inner pages on Fizz paper. A poster insert was also design to work with the irregular pages.

Material Lab booklet inside cover
Material Lab booklet inner pages
Material Lab booklet centre pages close up
Material Lab booklet inner pages
Material Lab booklet booklet reverse
Material Lab booklet booklet insert
Material Lab booklet insert open

Project team

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