National Libraries Day

National Libraries Day is a UK-wide celebration of libraries, their staff & communities, which took place on 6 February 2016.

Arts Council England, as their role as the national development agency for libraries, felt that this was the ideal opportunity to use their creative voice to engage in a positive conversation and promote them.

It all started with a letter

Part of this conversation would be to include an animation inspired by “a moment in 1971 when people of note were asked to write letters to the children of Troy, Michigan in celebration of their new library.”

The letter they chose was written by Isaac Asimov. Design By Day was tasked to bring this letter to life!

Bringing the letter to life

Using the physical of the letter as a starting point, we brought Asimov’s inspiring message to life through a 60 second stop motion-style animation using paper craft to create a world in which the viewer is transported into Asimov’s letter.

Warmth towards libraries

A careful mix of visual content and audio ensures that the piece evokes a warmth towards libraries and their traditional values as well as generating excitement about the direction libraries are taking now and in the future.

Creating a feeling of wonder, curiosity & education

A child’s voiceover was used to enhance the feeling of wonder, curiosity and education. Described by Arts Council England as ‘a magical piece of content’.

Over 60,000 views

The animation has had over 60,000 views in the first 24 hours of being put up on the Arts Council England Facebook page.