Pharmacist Support is an independent charity working for pharmacists and pharmacy students to provide help and support. The organisation recently re-focused their strategy and revisited their mission to better support pharmacists & amplify their message.

This new strategy required a revitalising of the visual identity to express the new direction and springboard it into the new decade.

Pharmacist Support logos
Pharmacist Support icons
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Brand focus

The new focus brought about a need for a more people-centric brand with strategic messaging.

We worked closely with the charity to forge a clear brand strategy.  We started by helping them consolidate and establish their brand vision, mission and core values. The cornerstone of the charity is their ability to listen, encourage and empower people, so this formed the core of the new brand.

This new focus helped inform the visual identity. The logo becomes a path that is used as a graphic device to represent the pharmacy journey when used in conjunction with photography of people via an empathetic embrace; as such creating a relationship between the brand values and visuals.

Pharmacist SUpport leaflet

Visual identity

Building upon the brand values, we created the charity’s visual identity.

The already strong, relevant colour palette was modified to swap out brown for teal as a better solution for readable type. The logo execution was refined. The use of brand type if soft but clear, approachable but professional.

The stem from the logo continues to create a path to represent the pharmacist journey and is used as a graphic device; symbolic of a caring embrace when used with people-based photography. Messaging was built around the archetype of Empowering Caregiver, using data from strategic market research commissioned by the charity.

We’ve created a spiritual successor to the previous brand; keeping things familiar but fresh.

Pharmacist Support business cards
Pharmacist Support leaflet

Pharmacy family

With people being at the centre of everything Pharmacist Support do, it made sense to build the brand around people too. From the people who seek support, to the people who are there to give it. Being a pharmacist in itself is a caring profession, and Pharmacist Support are there to embrace, what it calls, it’s ‘pharmacy family’.

The charity prides itself on taking up the role of the empowering caregiver; they are compassionate and reassuring, positive and optimistic. Visually every design decision made reflects this. From the upbeat and positive colour palette, to the softened brand typography, supportive messaging and tone of voice that are both reassuring and motivational.

Pharmacist Support leaflet
Pharmacist Support poster


We created:

  • Visual brand identity
  • Logo evolution
  • Brand typography
  • Updated colour palette
  • Brand assets
  • Messaging
  • Brand guidelines
  • Comms & marketing materials