great british butcher

The Great British Butcher

The Great British Butcher offers a range of British themed rubs and seasonings that make any meat dish that bit more delicious. Prepared by the third generation family run, MRC Flava, the product sits comfortably within the farmers’ market and gourmet goods bracket. 

The team came to us looking for a brand identity and packaging to be created from scratch. Building on the company’s strong British heritage was at the heart of the branding exercise, whilst celebrating the spirit of the British butcher serving up honest, top notch meat with a smile.

Entire flavour range of GBB tins
GBB Type & colour guidelines

Naturally Great

Taking inspiration from the product, the packaging is simple, carefully considered and wholesome. Getting the balance of tradition and modernity was met with the vintage style typography and the playful modern illustrations that represent the carefully curated ingredients.

GBB stockist logos

Craft & Care

Time, effort and love was poured into perfecting the flavours in each creation and it was really important that the packaging represented this attention to detail and craft. Stocked at some of the finest UK retailers including Selfridges and Harrods, the brand and packaging has also been featured on a number of prestigious design sites from The Dieline to Design Week.

Front and back of GBB recipe card