The Rivers Trust

The Rivers Trust are the umbrella body of the Rivers Trust Movement, working to protect and enhance our freshwater ecosystems. They are supported by over 40 member trusts across the UK, doing incredible work at the heart of the community to promote a sustainable future for our rivers.

We worked with the charity to modernise and refresh their branding which then formed the foundation for a clean bold website.

Cleaning Up The Brand

We kept the heart of the previous logo but pared it back to create a more modern, simple look. The choice of clear typeface and the refreshing, earthy colour palette elevated the organisation and immediately gave a feeling of clarity and freshness.

Water Is Life

From the start we saw the potential and power of the the previous strapline and we moved this away from the main logo and gave the words their own starring role for maximum impact.

‘Where there’s water, there’s life.’

rivers trust

A Trusted Website

Continuing to build on the foundations of the new brand, the website was redesigned to better showcase The Rivers Trust’s projects and allow the wider public to do their bit and get involved.

The calendar allows visitors to view upcoming events and local volunteering opportunities can be found via a simple postcode search for trusts across the UK.

rivers trust

Simple Steps

We used icon-based filters across the six project themes, helping users to quickly scan and find information.

rivers trust

An Illustrated Touch

As a final touch for both the site and branded materials, we created a set of illustrations that gave extra depth and craft to the visual approach.

rivers trust letterhead