The Rivers Trust

The Rivers Trust are the umbrella body of the rivers trust movement, working to protect and enhance our freshwater ecosystems. With the support of over 40 member trusts across the UK, they work on the ground and in the heart of the community to promote a sustainable future for our river environments.

In conjunction with redesigning and developing a the new Rivers Trust website, we also gave them a fresh, modern brand identity.

A fresh new identity

Starting with the logo, we remained sympathetic to the original idea and cleaning it up by stripping out the unnecessary text, utilising a clear typeface and refreshing the colour palette – resulting in a new modern approach with a historical link.

Making more of the strapline

Recognising the power of the previous strapline – we pulled out of the original logo and using it as a stand alone element for emphasis and impact.

‘Where there’s water, there’s life.’

rivers trust

A modern & engaging website

As with the brand, the new website boasts a fresh, modern new look. The site is a platform to showcase all of the projects The Rivers Trust undertake, past and present, and is a place where people come to get involved through the events calendar or by volunteering. Users can easily search for their local trust and get involved bu entering their postcode.

rivers trust

Easily finding what you need

Projects are categorised in to 6 key themes, with icon-based filters helping users quickly find the information required.

rivers trust

Branded illustrations

A bank of branded images were produced for use across the website and other marketing materials for consistency.

rivers trust letterhead