The University of Manchester Library is home to more than four million printed books and manuscripts, over 41,000 electronic journals and 500,000 electronic books. As one of the best-resourced academic libraries in the country it was important for the University to get students attention and promote the multiple sites across campus.

UoM poster

Making a Mark

Cutting through the noise of the wider marketing and communications across campus was the main challenge we faced when creating the visual identity for the Get Started campaign. It was key that the visual approach was attention grabbing and positioned the library as friendly and accessible, with an innovative approach. No dusty books in sight!

Adapting The Core Brand

We created a visual identity that worked within the the University of Manchester core brand but broke out enough to be recognised as the face of the library.

Colour Across Campus

The identity was applied across signage and information points to help students who were finding their way and exploring the facilities on offer. As well as the University of Manchester’s main colour palette we also added a third colour to round off a modern, engaging look that spoke to both undergraduates and experienced library users.

The Student Journey

The chevron graphic was at the heart of the visual identity, giving a dynamic energy to the campaign materials and reflecting the students’ journey of learning and progress.

The Details

A set of simple illustrations were created for the team that could be used within the chevron shape. This extra level of detail communicated the academic and cutting-edge resources on offer throughout the library. The flexibility and layers of depth within the identity allow it to be used across a wide range of digital and printed marketing materials.