Watt.co.uk Animation

The Challenge

Established in 2000, Watt has been saving money for UK businesses money on their gas and electric for over 16 years.

To market the launch of one of the UK’s only business utility comparison websites, Design By Day was commissioned by our long term client, Watt.co.uk to create a piece of animated content to drive traffic to the site and increase brand awareness through Facebook Advertising.

The Solution

Having worked with Watt.co.uk for the past 2 years developing their online brand, building their comparison site and creating a plethora of social content, we were in the ideal position to create a compelling piece of animated content.

To launch the comparison site with a bang, we brought to life the Watt.co.uk brand mascots; Watt Bill and his trusty side kicks Electricity, Gas and Water Bill – a super hero team dedicated to saving businesses money on their Utility Bills. As with the brand, the animation stays true to the Watt ethos of doing B2B differently via a deliberately playful, non-corporate approach.

Project team

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