Watt.co.uk Visual Identity

The Challenge

Established in 2000, Watt has been saving money for UK businesses on their energy bills for over 16 years. Although a successful energy broker, Watt had never really had a visual ‘brand’.

Watt came to DBD as they embarked on their vision for the future: – to disrupt the business energy market – a vision that required a vastly different approach to branding than their competition.

Watt Utilities service bills

The Solution

As Watt.co.uk continues to grow in strength and market share it was important to create an iconic mark that can be recognised as a brand businesses can trust to save them money. Taking the brand a step further, we developed a brand mascot; Bill, a super hero dedicated to saving businesses money on their utility bills helped by his trusty sidekicks ‘The Utility Bills’.

This idea also formed the basis for the ‘Every Business has a Bill’ campaign which sought to raise brand awareness. The simplicity and versatility of the ‘Bill’ character allowed us to place it in different scenarios and uniforms to represent the vast array of UK businesses Watt work with. The creation of Bill led us to creating Watt’s winter campaign which you can see here.

Watt logo colourways
Watt utility icons
Watt tshirt branded merchandise
Watt merchandise ice scraper
Watt pin badge branded merch
Watt cups branded merch
Watt infographic banners
Watt facebook carousel industry bills
Watt landing repeat
Watt landscape repeat

Project team

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