Natural Course

Online information hub for a 2 year EU project Visual Identity

Building a brand to disrupt the energy market

OMI Architects

Building the vision of an award winning practice


WordPress website for Manchester SEO agency

Every Business Has a Bill Brand Awareness Campaign

#Winterishere Campaign 2016

Helping save UK businesses money this winter

Manchester City FC

Cityzens Giving Website

The University of Manchester

Helping freshers get started with the library

Citizen Scientist

Web design and development for health research project

Arts Council England

Promoting the launch of the new ACE website Comparison Site

Turning a utility broker into an comparison site

The Hair Extension Boutique

Replicating a luxury boitique interior online

A Strange Kind of Beauty

Bringing creativity to the city with A.N.D. the Young Poet Laureate for London

Hello CV

Branding & web design

National Libraries Day Animation

Celebrating National Libraries day with Art Council England

Pharmacist Support

Strengthening the identity of a 175 year old charity

Powerlinks Rebrand

Rebrand for programmatic advertising company

Nutri Dog Bakery

Branding & tin design

Join Dementia Research

Encouraging participation though animation

Blend Bros Packaging Design

Bridging the gap between the gym and the kitchen

Lisa Taylor eCommerce Website

Crafting an online home for ethical fashion

Material Lab Booklet

Promoting a creative workspace through colour, texture & size

Amber Management Website

Helping an acting agency look the part

Generation R Website

Engaging young people to take part in health research

The Great British Butcher

Crafting a wholesome British brand

Westbeach Catalogue 14/15

Paying homage to a brands Canadian roots

Blend Bros Website

Launching a new product website

B O R G 5

Establishing a brand Identity for a rail telecoms company

Calyx Branding & Bottle Design

Bringing a West Indian flavour to the UK

Brother Creative Center Animation

Bringing printed templates to life through animation

B O R G 5 Website

Crafting a web presence for a rail telecoms company

Haelo NHS Website

A modern reimagining of an NHS website

Cornerhouse – Playtime

Identity for the final Cornerhouse exhibition

Expo video for Cantarus & DNN

Promoting website software at Internet World

Palaces Animation

Encouraging donations through a fairytale

Subversion Animation

Animated promo for Cornerhouse exhibition

Unspooling Exhibition Promotion

Graphic identity for major Cornerhouse exhibition

Doctors Worldwide TV Advert

TV advert for UK based charity

The People You’re Not

A satirical brand for a Cornerhouse exhibition

New Cartographies

Map inspired identity for a Cornerhouse exhibition

Mobilising for Development

Focusing on a positive future through animation

CTI Brand Identity

Helping a carpet tile supplier stand out from the competition

MOSI’s 30th Birthday Promotion

Celebrating 30 years of science and industry

The National Elf Service

Putting characters at the forefront of a brand

Workstars Characters

Telling brand narratives through characters

Look-a-like iOS app

Internal self initiated project

National Elf Service

Promo animation

NHS Harm Free Care

Empowering patients to keep themselves safe in hospitals

The Manchester Estate Agent

A playful brand for a local busines

Digital Utopias

Brand identity and promo animation for a digital conference

Watch the Skies

Getting sci-fi with AND & Jodrell Bank

Lux – Lightbulb Package Design

Keeping it simple for a budget product

Oat Kulture Website

Promoting healthy nutrition online

Life In The Zone Website

Bringing TM to professional atheletes

NHS Safety Thermometer App

Helping the NHS monitor harms

Comp Comms Brand Identity

Branding an NHS internal comms department

Young Person’s Safety Briefing

Empowering children to keep themselves safe in hospital


Internal NHS website

MESH Urban Mobility Mobile App

Tracking patterns of mobility for the University of Salford

Selected Logos

Selected logos