How to Tell Your Brand Story with Your Office Space

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How to tell your brand story

If your office looks like any other in your industry niche, you aren’t telling the right story about your brand. Here are a few things you should do to tell the right brand story with your workspace.

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Company culture in office design

Your brand and culture are so intricately tied it can be hard to differentiate the two. Your culture defines who you are: your values and the message you send out to both your employees and your clients.

Google believes that the comfort and well being of its employees come first. And that’s why they have the kind of office spaces you see.

The factors you should consider here include:

  • Employees: How do you perceive your employees? This should be reflected in the facilities you provide for them such as relaxation and game rooms vs simple lunch areas.

What kind of work culture do you want for your employees? This will inform how you design the space in terms of open office vs cubicles.

  • Clients: Here, you should consider things like the class of clients you serve and what they should expect from you. If you are serving high-end clients with a family theme, let your fixtures, fittings and décor reflect class, warmth and friendliness.

How to tell your brand story


What is your brand colour? If you haven’t decided on one, here are a few things to consider.

  1. If you want to communicate a high level of energy, friendliness or innovation, use colours like red, orange and yellow. For sustainability, nature, freshness and growth, use green. For luxury, use purple. For class and integrity, use white.

  2. If you are going to mix colours, which is often the case, ensure that the spectrum is very narrow. A mixture of two colours is usually enough. Having several colours may be appropriate if you serve a funky audience.

Once you have chosen the colour that reflects your brand, get it very visible in your office space. You don’t have to make everything in your office reflect the brand colour. This is especially a bad idea for colours that are either too bright (yellow) or too somber (green, black).

Mix things up. Try to get a bit of white in. It’s the perfect background for any workspace. The important thing is to use a colour that best reflects your values and product.

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The display on your walls reinforce your values to your employees. It also tells your clients a lot about you, sometimes without having to use words. It sets the tone of the office space.

Don’t make the mistake of getting in just any fine work of art and fitting it on your wall. If it does not reflect your brand story, it will stand out as not belonging there. At worst, you turn your walls into an exhibition which isn’t exactly what you want.

Words – Display your values on your walls. If you’re big on customer experience, integrity and teamwork, state it boldly on wall frames.

Pictures – If your company is about strategy, then you’ll do well with a frame of say someone deep in thought its better to have real life images and avoid the obvious ones like a chart showing financial growth for financial services firms. “The trick is to tell your clients and employees how you get the job done”, says Niels at Best4frames who specialise in photo frames.

“So, you can get in a frame showing people huddled together at work to reflect collaboration, instead of a generic skyscraper frame reflecting growth or progress”.

If your business is based on physical products, do not display your products on your walls. Instead, display things like awards, degrees, certifications, and so on. Displaying products on your walls takes the class away from your space and actually makes it untidy. Use display stands for your products.

How to tell your brand story


A logo is often the simplest and most recognizable representation of company’s brand. A logo doesn’t need to be expensive or elaborate like this article explains. The important thing is to come up with something unique and relevant to your brand.

Get your logo visible in your workspace. Do not put it everywhere; that would be intrusive to both your employees and your clients. Instead, put up a large one each in the strategic rooms in your office. This creates interest and provides an unobtrusive but highly impactful reminder of your identity.

Getting your space to reflect your brand is very important in office décor. When properly done, workspace branding tells your employees how to behave and your customers what to expect. It also helps you carve out a much-needed unique identity from the rest of the competition.