Vector Twitter Profile 2014 GUI – Adobe Illustrator

Vector Twitter User Interface 2014 Adobe- Illustrator

If like us you prefer to serve up your web design using a vector-based application you might find this Twitter profile 2014 GUI for Adobe Illustrator very useful for branding and web projects.

Feel free to download to demonstrate to clients how your branding or web design will translate onto Twitter:

Vector Twitter GUI 2014 Illustrator
Vector Twitter GUI 2014 Illustrator

Everything is editable, layered up and named appropriately. There’s a separate layer with all colour-editable text and icons for quick and easy application of brand colours.

Don’t worry, I’ve used Helvetica Neue since Twitter reverted back to the old favourite after it’s brief fling with Gotham Rounded earlier this year!

If you like that, you might also the Twitter Bootstrap grids for Illustrator that we posted back in January.

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  • Victor

    November 13, 2017,

    Great article. Have in mind that you have broken links for the mentioned articles.

    • Angela Roche

      November 14, 2017,

      Hey Victor – sorry about that! Try now 🙂

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