When your new site doesn’t rank for your own brand term! 🤦‍♀️

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banana sabotage

So you’ve just had a shiny new website built and you’re ready to start watching customers use your site, getting in touch and making conversions. Exciting times! You understand that you’ll need to put in the time and money to market your site and implement an SEO strategy to get ranking for relevant keywords. But you weren’t expecting not to rank for your own brand term!

You’ve Googled your company name and your not ranking number 1, in-fact your not even on page one! 🤦‍♀️

So why does this happen?

Reason 1 – A brand new domain name

When you set a brand new domain free and let it our in to the wild it starts its life at the bottom of the food chain. It hasn’t got age on its side and probably wont have any backlinks, or very few and probably just from your own social media accounts. This means its Domain Authority will be none existent or very low. Normally no more than 2 (out of 100).  If other websites with a high Domain Authority mention your company or list your company as a supplier (eg. directory such as Yelp) then Google will return them

How to fix: Improve your Domain Authority by acquiring relevant back links to your website. Back links are like a popularity content, the more relevant, high quality ones you have – the higher your Domain Authority. Don’t panic if you see other sites with 40+ DA – having a DA of around 12 is usually enough if other considerations are implemented correctly. The good news is that a DA of 12 is pretty easy to achieve with a few simple backlinks.

Reason 2 – Google doesn’t know who you are!

As smart as Google is, if you’re a new kid on the block it will need a little with getting to know you.

How to fix: Basic on site optimisation for your brand term will help with this. Make sure you refer to your company name on your site, so that you content contains you brand keyword or phrase. Make sure you add this to H1 headings, page titles and scattered lightly in your body copy. Also adding your site to Google Business, and local directories will help your cause.

Reason 3 – A generic brand name

If you have a generic brand name that could be used in an every day sentence – for example; Natural Course, you may find that websites with a higher Domain Authority that have used the combination of words that also happens to be your company name in a sentence, rank higher than you for your brand term.

How to fix: See above

The simple steps above will have you ranking for your brand term in no time. Now to get on with the harder task of optimising for keywords!