Why Infographics Are so Effective in Marketing, According to Science

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If you want to spread your brand message effectively and creatively, infographics are the answer.

You see, we humans love visuals. Our brains crave them, and process them 60,000 times faster than text. But there’s more:

Not only do we process images faster than text, but we respond to them in such ways that make infographics an astonishingly effective marketing tool as well as just something nice to look at.

In this article, we’ll show you just how effective they are, and why you should be using them to market your business.

Here are a few more juicy stats to get you started:


People remember 80% of what they SEE, versus only 20% of what they read. So whatever message your infographic is designed to deliver, your audience will remember a whole lot more of it than if you’d simply written it all down.

40% of people will respond more positively to visual information than plain text. This is because the human brain sees more naturally in pictures, so images – and therefore infographics – are more likely to elicit a positive emotional response.


84.7% of people say that colour is the primary reason they buy a product. Colour, not words.

So infographics are scientifically proven to produce far more positive reactions than plain text, which already provides a strong argument for using them in branding and marketing.

But why else are infographics so damned effective?

They help build brand awareness

Infographics are usually designed to include the name of the company that created it, along with a logo, brand colour scheme and other nuggets of useful business information.

Remember that statistic about people retaining 80% of visual information?

This is where it comes into play the most. When people see your brand as part of an infographic, they will absorb the information and remember it, putting (and keeping) your brand front of mind.

They can tell your brand story

Infographics lend themselves perfectly to the art of storytelling. They can produce a narrative that makes the human brain light up like a Christmas tree.


Because, according to Psychology Today, our brains are wired to relate to stories. They help us connect with and make sense of the world around us, and they evoke all sorts of emotions. So, if you create a branded infographic that tells a story, either about your brand or something closely related, you’re likely to see a great deal of positive audience engagement.

They help build authority

A study on visual versus non-visual presentations by the Wharton School of Business revealed that 67% of the audience found the visual presentations more convincing. The use of infographics in marketing communications can, therefore, help convince your target audience that you know what you’re talking about.

What’s more, producing worthwhile infographics requires a great deal of research and knowledge in a particular field, all of which become highly evident in the finished result. Therefore, publishing a really good graphic has the power to position a business as a true authority in any given market.


They’re useful for SEO

Never far from the minds of content marketing professionals, SEO is something that needs to be considered when creating any online marketing strategy.

Science has already told us that infographics and visuals are the most effective and engaging communication tool, and their viral nature is key to their success.

Infographics are highly shareable pieces of content, and tend to spread across the internet and social media like wildfire. The more times they are shared, the more traffic they will drive to the website they originated from, and the more quality backlinks they will generate.

Traffic and backlinks are great for SEO, and infographics are proven to be astonishing drivers of both.

So, thanks to the way the human brain is wired, brands can get an incredible level of traction among their target audiences simply by adopting infographics as a marketing tool.

Oh, and one more thing:

Content marketing tactics like this can cost up to 62% less than traditional marketing, and can generate 3 times as many leads. Powerful, no?


We don’t blame you. And, if you’re wondering where on earth to begin getting an infographic designed for your brand, you can always give the team here at Design by Day a shout. Our illustration, design and research skills are top drawer. Get in touch at hello@designbyday.co.uk and tell us what you’re thinking, and we’ll show you what we mean.






Angela Roche