Why You Should Consider an Integrated Agency for Your Next Project

Thinking of starting a new business, building a new website or giving your company a total rebrand? There are agencies out there who specialise in just one discipline – branding, web design, print etc – but going to each one individually can take a lot of time, cost a lot of money and get a little confusing.

Using an integrated agency, on the other hand, can cut out all the to-ing and fro-ing and provide you with all the key services you need to get your new business or rebrand off the ground. What’s more, it will ensure that each and every element of your branding efforts remain consistent and clear for your audience.

Here’s a run down of some of the most important services you can get from an integrated agency and why they’re so essential:


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When setting up a new business (or rebranding an existing one) it’s crucial that you create an effective brand identity which will resonate with your target audience and put you firmly on the map within your industry.

It’s not just about logos either, though this is obviously a great place to start and will act as a powerful centre for your brand identity. An integrated design agency will work closely with you to deliver a full branding package including glossy corporate stationery, illustration, and even a creative direction service to help bring both design and brand strategy together and ensure you get your message across effectively.


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Now that you’ve got your new branding sorted, it’s time to apply it digitally. We live in a fast-moving digital age, so getting your website and other digital platforms exactly right is more important now than ever before.

An integrated agency will be experts in all things web and mobile, and will take into account everything you want to achieve on the digital side of your project, from the basics to the more complex requirements.

Whether you simply want a beautifully designed, bespoke website developed from the ground up, or if you need extra e-commerce functionality and access to a CMS, they will create a web package which will perfectly suit you and your budget.


A service that many people often overlook when embarking on a new project, Animation can be an invaluable element in your business and branding strategy.

Animated marketing videos, logos and stings are a great way of engaging your audience and delivering brand messages much more efficiently than onsite copy can. Whether you want to advertise new products, take your customers on a virtual tour or even create a music video, an integrated agency will be able to make this a reality both online and offline. And, don’t forget, this would all be running parallel with your branding and digital elements, so every aspect of your project will be clear, consistent, and perfectly on-brand.


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Despite the ever-growing digital world around us, print is still an absolutely essential part of most branding campaigns.

There are many print agencies out there, but a full-service agency will ensure your print materials match up and compliment your digital campaigns perfectly, avoiding potential confusion for your audience.

Posters and leaflets are, of course, a given; these are often invaluable marketing tools for driving sales and increasing brand awareness after all. As well as these, however, imagine your professional new branding on immaculate corporate stationery, product packaging and even pop-up exhibition stands and furniture (complete with the interactive video elements you’ve already had created for you!). Now that’s a full design package.

So there you have it, investing in the services of a fully integrated design agency will mean a completely consistent message across a wide range of mediums, plus peace of mind for you, knowing that everything is being taken care of under one, very expert roof.

All of the above services are, of course, available right here at Design By Day. Start here on our services page to find out more information about exactly what we can do for you.


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